"I want to go back to our first conversation."


You were there when i need someone to talk to, you were the one who taught me to read and memorize the first 3 juz of the quran, you were the one who taught me to keep on chasing my dreams and not to care what others think about me.
I apologize for not being there for you during your final years on this beautiful earth, I’m sorry for not attending all the family gatherings that you planned,i always knew you that you were expecting me to be there with all your grandchildren but i was too engrossed with work and studies but little did i know that 2 days ago would be the last time you held my hand.
You made me a promise that you will be there on my graduation day but it’s okay grandma, now I’m here attending your graduation day . You’re free from all problems and i believe its a better place up there, in shaa allah we will meet again come judgement day.
Rest Well Granny.